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Lenape Lesson #10 - Interjection & Color


Let's Talk Lenape!

Lesson #10


      In this lesson we will discuss interjections used in Lenape, and also the names for colors.  The color section will include some sentences showing how they are the words are used.


     Before we get into more serious grammar it might be of interest to know of some interjections used by the Lenape.  These are like English, Ouch! and Oh!.  Some of the forms listed use the additional form tamwe to strengthen the meaning.


Sound Icon awee  (tamwe)                  interjection used when one is tired or has aches and pains

Sound Icon chei (tamwe)                     interjection used when one is startled or surprised

Sound Icon chee shësh tamwe           Oh my goodness!

Sound Icon eche  (tamwe)                interjection of great surprise

Sound Icon ehei  (tamwe)                 interjection of surprise like seeing something huge or hearing something from long ago

Sound Icon ho tamwe                         oh my!

Sound Icon kësaa  (tamwe)               interjection when seeing something nasty

Sound Icon kwioo                               Oh dear!

Sound Icon O tamwe!                         oh my!

Sound Icon oho  (tamwe)                  oh my!

Sound Icon pux  (or)  Sound Icon puxo  (or)  Sound Icon puxòò   (tamwe)     whew!    interjection when smelling something very bad

These forms do not add tamwe for emphasis:


Sound Icon a-i                               interjection used when finished eating  

Sound Icon awii                             ouch

Sound Icon chuwee!                         oh my it's hot!

Sound Icon hipaha  or  Sound Icon hupahaha     interjection when having fun

Sound Icon ihèh                            interjection of an expected unpleasantness; such as bad weather coming.

Sound Icon katu                            Brrr! (said when subjected to sudden cold like going

                                           outside in the winter.

Sound Icon phwit                             Phooey.  Nonsense.  interjection on hearing something you do not believe.

Sound Icon push                           Scat!  used to scare cat

Sound Icon shèkta                         see there! (interjection; not the actual act of looking)

Sound Icon teka  or  Sound Icon teka ta    Watch out!  Be careful!

Sound Icon yuh!                            Yes!;  OK!



Colors in Lenape


      In previous lessons we have not gone over a complete list of colors in Lenape so we will do that now.  The words for color are divided according to whether they refer to an Animate or Inanimate subject.  Interestingly there seems to be no Lenape word for Brown.


Colors in Lenape - Inanimate: 


root                singular                  plural                      meaning

sëk-               Sound Icon sëke                 Sound Icon sëkeyo                      it is/they are black

aon-               Sound Icon aone                Sound Icon aoneyo                     it is/they are blue

àskàskw-        Sound Icon àskàskwe         Sound Icon àskàskweyo               it is/they are green

wipunkw-       Sound Icon wipunkwe         Sound Icon wipunkweyo               it is/they are gray

màxk-            Sound Icon màxke             Sound Icon màxkeyo                  it is/they are red

òp-                 Sound Icon òpe                 Sound Icon òpeyo                       it is/they are white

wisaw-           Sound Icon wisae               Sound Icon wisaeyo                    it is/they are yellow


Colors - Animate:


[Note: Remember that some things that in English would be considered Inanimate are considered to be Animate in Lenape, such as the words for a car, or wagon, or even a bucket.]


     singular                plural                                meaning


Sound Icon sëksu                    Sound Icon sëksuwàk                           he is/they are black

Sound Icon aonsu                    Sound Icon aonsuwàk                                   he is/they are blue

Sound Icon àskàskwsu             Sound Icon àskàskwsuwàk                          he is/they are green

Sound Icon wipunkwsu             Sound Icon wipunkwsuwàk                           he is/they are gray

Sound Icon màxksu                 Sound Icon màxksuwàk                          he is/they are red

Sound Icon òpsu                      Sound Icon òpsuwàk                              he is/they are white

Sound Icon wisawsu                 Sound Icon wisawsuwàk                        he is/they are yellow


In addition to the primary colors listed Lenape has ways to express either the way it is colored, or in some cases its shade or hue.  The ending used on these verbs is –ikte for Inanimate and  -iksu for Animate.


Sound Icon likte                                            the color it is

Sound Icon liksa                                           color it

Sound Icon liksike                                         he is coloring

Sound Icon ntëliksëmën                                I color it

Sound Icon nëmësiliksëmën                          I will paint it different colors

Sound Icon wëlikte                                       it has a good color

Sound Icon mësilikte                                    it is multi-colored; it is variegated

Sound Icon wisahkimikte                              it is of a purple hue; it is of a wine color

Sound Icon chàkinkwèmikte                          it is purple; purple hue (pokeberry color)

Sound Icon sëkikte                                       it is of a blackish hue

Sound Icon màxkikte                                    it is of a reddish hue; it is pink

Sound Icon òlënchikte                                   it is of an orange hue

Sound Icon mehëmichink ehëliksink              food coloring

Sound Icon pili liksu                                      he is a different color

Sound Icon pili liksuwàk                                they are colored differently (from others)

Sound Icon mësiliksuwàk                              they are many hued (colored)

Sound Icon wipunkwinakòt                            it is of a grayish hue

Sound Icon aoninakwsu                                he looks blue (in color, not state-of-mind)

Sound Icon nòpsi                                          I am white; I am colored white


While the following is not a color it could be useful:


Sound Icon shapònte                                    it is transparent

Sound Icon shapòntèk                                  glass (for drinking); window pane; transparent


Sample Sentences:


Sound Icon Màxkinakòt tohèmpsëm.

it-looks-red  her-dress

Her dress is a reddish color.


Sound Icon Pililikwsu wa òtaès.

he-has-different-color this flower.

This flower is a different color.


Sound Icon Kèku hèch likte?

What ?  it-is-color?

What color is it?


Sound Icon Kèku hèch likte na Charles mwilàxk?

What ?  it-is-color that Charles his-hair?

What color is Charles’ hair?


Sound Icon Twën na òpsit tipas.

catch-him that white chicken.

Catch that white chicken.


Sound Icon Nkatatàmën në opèk lokèns.

I-want-it   that  white dish.

I want that white dish.


Sound Icon Opsu na mwekane.

he-is-white that dog 

That dog is white.


Sound Icon Na òpsit mwekane pe.

that white dog  he-came.

That white dog came.


Sound Icon Në kèshtèk lokèns ope.

the hot   dish  it-is–white. 

That hot dish is white.


Sound Icon Kshëte në opënchu.

 it-is-hot that white-dish. 

That white dish is hot.


Sound Icon Opsu na hus.

he-is-white that bucket. 

The bucket is white.