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Lenape Lesson #6 - Numbers & Places


Let's Talk Lenape!

Lesson 6


Counting in Lenape


         In Lesson 4 we had the numbers from 1 through 10.  Now here are 11 through 22.


Sound Icon tèlën                                              ten

Sound Icon tèlën òk kwëti                               eleven    (lit. “ten and one”)          

Sound Icon tèlën òk nisha                               twelve    (lit. “ten and two”)

Sound Icon tèlën òk naxa                                thirteen

Sound Icon tèlën òk newa                               fourteen

Sound Icon tèlën òk palenàxk                         fifteen

Sound Icon tèlën òk kwëtash                           sixteen

Sound Icon tèlën òk nishash                            seventeen

Sound Icon tèlën òk xash                                eighteen

Sound Icon tèlën òk pèshkunk                         nineteen

Sound Icon nishinxke                                      twenty

Sound Icon nishinxke òk kwëti                         twenty-one  (lit. “twenty and one”)

Sound Icon nishinxke òk nisha                         twenty-two


Several Large Birds:


Sound Icon aihàm                                           golden eagle

Sound Icon aihàmuk                                       golden eagles

Sound Icon kukhus                                         owl

Sound Icon chululhuwe                                   screech owl

Sound Icon ohuntàm                                       great horned owl

Sound Icon òpalanie                                       bald eagle


A Few More Lenape Words Borrowed from Dutch:


Sound Icon apëlìsh       [D. appel]                      apple

Sound Icon kukumës    [D. komkommer]            cucumber

Sound Icon pampil       [D. pampier]                   paper

Sound Icon pushis       [D. poesje]                      cat


Lenape Words borrowed from English:


Sound Icon chèkìt                                             jacket

Sound Icon chèlis                                              cherry

Sound Icon èlëpën                                            elephant

Sound Icon hàtëmopil                                        automobile

Sound Icon kàpi                                                coffee

Sound Icon këlak                                              clock

Sound Icon kèntis                                             candy

Sound Icon kèpëch                                           cabbage

Sound Icon monkis                                           monkey

Sound Icon mpùl                                              bull

Sound Icon nkèchkuli                                       I catch cold

Sound Icon ntalas                                            dollar 

    [note – the older word is Sound Icon “kwëti palëpay” = “one buck”

Sound Icon pëlëchis                                          pants  (from the word “britches”)

Sound Icon pèpël                                              pepper

Sound Icon pilkësh                                            peach

Sound Icon tànàpës                                          turnip

Sound Icon tëmètos                                          tomato

Sound Icon wëshki                                            whiskey


Compound Words:


Sound Icon mpùlxàm      [mpùl- + -xàm]            bulldog           [“bull” + “animal”]

Sound Icon shukëlipën    [shukël- + -ipën]          sweet potato   [“sugar” + “tuber”]

Sound Icon shukëlàpòn   [shukël- + -àpòn]         cake               [“sugar” + “bread”]

Sound Icon shukëlàpòn’tët [shukël- + -àpòn- + -tët] cookie [“sugar” + “bread” + little”]



Lenape Words Taken into English:


         Lenape also loaned some words especially place names which have been taken into English.  Many Lenape place names are still found throughout the eastern states where the Lenape lived, and in other states where they settled on their way westward.

Sound Icon alëwi                   Alloway, NJ or Alluwe, OK      more


Sound Icon kanshihàkink       Conshohocken, PA                 elegant land

   [kanshi- (elegant) + -haki- (land) + -nk (at; place of)]


Sound Icon kitahtëne            Kitatinny, NJ or PA                big mountain

   [kit- (great) + -ahtëne (mountain)]


Sound Icon kwënàskunk        Conaskonk, NJ                      place of tall grass

   [kwën- (tall; long) + -àskw- (grass; reeds) + -nk (place of)]


Sound Icon lèkaohane           Lackawanna, PA                    sandy creek; sandy river

   [lèkao- (sand) + -hane (creek; river)]


Sound Icon mahtaks'hanink  Matockshoning, NJ                prickly pear creek

   [mahtaks(ën)- (prickly pear) + -han- (creek) + -nk (place)]


Sound Icon màxkwchunk       Mauch Chunk, PA                  at the hill of the bears

   [màxkw- (bear) + -chu- (hill) + -nk (place)      [ahchu = hill]


Sound Icon mënaonkihëla     Monongahela River, PA                  where the banks erode


Sound Icon mëneyunk          Manayunk, PA                       place to drink


Sound Icon nishhanèk           Neshanic                              two creeks

   [nish- (two) + -hane- (creek) + -k (that which is)]


Sound Icon niskëpèk             Nescopeck                            dirty water

   [nish- (dirty) + -pe- (water) + -k (that which is)]


Sound Icon pahsayèk            Passaic, NJ                           valley


Sound Icon pahsayunk          Passyunk, PA                        in the valley


Sound Icon pakim                 Pakim Pond, NJ                     cranberry


Sound Icon tànkhanèk          Tunkhannock, PA                  small creek; little river

   [tànk- (small) + -hane- (creek) + -k (that which is)]


Sound Icon tèkhane              Tacony, PA                           cold river

   [tèk- (cold) + - hane (river)


Sound Icon tëmakwe            Tamaqua, PA                         beaver


Sound Icon tulpehakink         Tulpehauken Brook, PA         turtle land

   [tulpe- (turtle) + -haki- (land) + -nk (place)]

   [tulpe is an older word for a water turtle and is no longer used as an

    individual word, but is occurs in Sound Icon pisëlëtulpe (wrinkled-turtle), the

    Lenape name for the soft-shelled turtle.]


Sound Icon wikëwam                                                       house (or) wigwam