Lenape:     Kuxëna Kishelëmienk
English:     Our Father Who Created Us . . . Prayer by Nora Dean It was on University Forum Television at the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma in October 1980. Anthropologist Terry Prewitt also took part in the videotaped interviews which were two one-half hour shows discussing many things about the Lenape people. The hostess was Francine Ringold and she asked Nora to close with a Lenape prayer.

Lenape:     Kuxëna Kishelëmienk, wanìshi tili nkàski nipain yushe tali,
English:     Our Father who created us, thank you that I can stand here in this place,
Lenape:     òk wèmi weltëk kèku ènta milian, wanìshi,
English:     and for all good things you have given me, thank You,
Lenape:     mpi òk yu ènta kishux pèchi òxekamakuna yushe xkwithakamika
English:     water, and for the sun shining upon us on this earth
Lenape:     Milinèn weltëk tëmakàn tìlìch kàski ikalìchi
English:     Give us a good road so that we can continue
Lenape:     pèchi pètawsinèn yushe ènta xkwithakamika. Punelìntàmainèn
English:     to live longer here on this earth. Forgive us
Lenape:     wèmi ènta ahchanilan òk ènta ahchanaptunhe. Wanìshi Nuxati,
English:     when we do that which is wrong and when we say something wrong. Thank You Dear Father
Lenape:     wètënëmai winëweokàn. Na në lekèch.
English:     and accept from me this pleading. Amen.